Train the Trainer – Online Course



Our Train the Trainer course, available entirely online, is crafted to acquaint participants with the foundational principles and essential concepts of effective training. Designed with flexibility in mind, it allows you to progress at your own pace, fitting your learning around your schedule. This course offers an opportunity to enhance your existing instructional abilities, providing numerous chances to refine and elevate how you plan, execute, and assess training events. It’s an ideal platform for supporting your growth as an engaging and impactful trainer, ensuring you can deliver memorable and transformative learning experiences from anywhere in the world.

This course is thoughtfully designed to provide participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to deliver training materials effectively. It’s perfectly suited for new trainers looking to establish a solid foundation in crucial training techniques, while also offering seasoned professionals fresh and innovative methods for conducting impactful training sessions. By engaging with this program, participants will have the opportunity to either build upon their existing expertise or discover new strategies that enhance their ability to deliver compelling and effective training experiences.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 20 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate


Approved Training Courses:

Virtual Maritime Academy is recognized as an institution approved for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our course is globally accepted.

  • This course is for:

    • Beginner Facilitators: Start your path to mastering core training competencies and understanding effective educational strategies.

    • Seasoned Educators: Broaden your skill set with progressive methods and unique approaches to magnify your instructional influence.

    • Learning Experience Architects: Delve into the art of creating compelling and effective educational content with modern design principles.

    • Change Agents in Organizational Growth: Discover tools and perspectives to lead transformative development and promote organizational advancement through targeted training.

    • Team Leaders: Acquire the capabilities to nurture and strengthen your team, using training as a pivotal resource for leadership and enhancement of team performance.

    • Talent Development Professionals: Enhance your capacity in fostering a dynamic, skilled, and driven workforce through strategic educational initiatives.



    Regulations, Code, Convention Addressed:

    • ISM Code
    • STCW
    • SOLAS

    Learning Objectives:

    Dive into the fundamentals of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology with our comprehensive course. You’ll establish a solid base in performing needs assessments, crafting precise learning objectives, and measuring the effectiveness of your training initiatives. Through hands-on application, you will master the art of managing participants, catering to diverse learning styles, fostering a positive and conducive learning environment, and navigating classroom hurdles with ease. This course empowers you to create captivating, learner-centered training solutions that resonate with and profoundly impact your audience.


    Each chapter concludes with multiple-choice questions, followed by a final assessment with a required passing score of 70%. The final assessment is entirely online, and a proctor will monitor you during the assessment. A computer (not a tablet or Chromebook) with a webcam and reliable internet speed is required. A $75 CAD + applicable taxes fee applies for re-attempting the final assessment if you do not pass with a score of at least 70%.

    Course Duration:

    The 7-hours course can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to enter and exit the course as needed.

    Delivery Method:

    The course is entirely online, with no in-person testing requirements.

    Student Verification Requirements:

    Students must submit official photo identification before starting the course, as mandated by Transport Canada.

    Training Certification:

    A hardcopy certificate will be mailed to your address at no additional cost.

    Online Course Subjects:

    • Defining Training and Learning
    • The KASH Model Explained
    • The Systematic Approach to Training
    • Core Principles of Learning
    • Understanding Learners

    The Mechanics of How People Learn

    • The Role of Memory in Learning
    • Exploring Whole Brain Learning
    • Developing Effective Skills

    Crafting Your Lesson Plan

    • Setting Clear Training Objectives
    • Curating Lesson Content
    • Instructional Strategies

    Overview of Instructional Methods

    • Engaging Through Lectures and Demonstrations
    • Facilitating Discussions and Group Dynamics
    • Applying Case Studies, Games, and Role-Playing
    • Enhancing Learning with Practical Activities
    • Selecting Appropriate Instructional Methods
    • Leveraging Training Resources

    Utilizing Teaching and Learning Aids

    • Effective Use of Flipcharts, Boards, and Projectors
    • Incorporating Handouts, Videos, and Multimedia
    • Optimizing the Training Environment

    Designing the Training Room Layout

    • Strategies for Involving Learners
    • Mastering Delivery Techniques

    Tailoring Individualized Instruction

    • Supporting and Managing Group Work
    • Techniques for Giving Effective Feedback
    • Handling Participant Dynamics
    • Assessing Performance and Evaluating Lessons

    Foundations of Learning Assessment

    • Designing and Planning Assessments
    • Types of Assessment Questions
    • Marking Assessments and Communicating Results
    • Comprehensive Lesson Evaluation Techniques
    • Collecting and Utilizing Feedback for Improvement
    • Compiling Course Reports
    • Course Development Process

    The Stages of Creating a Course

    Analysis, Design, Production, and Evaluation Phases

Course Progress